Music in Practice and Performance

Dedicated to the teaching and performing of Mary Moser and Jonathan Moser. You will find explanations of teaching concepts, lists and pictures of common supplies needed for lessons, pictures and praise of exemplary student accomplishments. You will also find audio and video of performances, upcoming events, and studio information and directions.

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It is important that attendance remain on a regular basis in order for the student to feel grounded and to see/feel/hear improvement. Please plan enough travel time in order to arrive at your lesson and group class on time.


In 2014-2015 a cancelled lesson will be a missed lesson and will not be rescheduled.  

The lesson day and time is reserved for your use, no judgement will be passed if a lesson is missed due to another commitment.  However, there will be no rescheduling for said lesson.  Parents may communicate with each other to swap lesson times in order to retain the consistency required for achievement.

If an emergency arrives (on behalf of the student), such as illness, car break down, family death, I will make an attempt to reschedule the lesson for that week, if time is available.  If it is not possible to reschedule then the lesson will be a missed lesson.  

If an emergency arrives (on behalf of the teacher) the family will be notified immediately and the lesson will be made up at the end of the semester during Make Up Week.

I will not be obligated to make up lessons which, are canceled without notice.


Fall/Spring tuition payments are due at the first lesson of the month. The tuition is an average of lessons and group classes scheduled for the semester/calendar year.

Summer tuition payments are due at the first lesson of the month.

I implore you to make payments promptly. This is my business... my livelihood. I depend on your prompt payment to stay in business.

* More detailed Policies & Procedures will be received once accepted into the MVS Studio.


Lessons are scheduled weekly and are offered at different time increments, determined by age and ability.

30 minutes (Pre-Twinkle to Book 1)

45 minutes (Book 2 - 3)

60 minutes (Book 4 +)


Group classes are essential to the Suzuki Approach.  We create a community in which the students will be able to learn about working within their community as a unit and as a group. These classes will meet approximately twice a month, and the meeting time will range from 45 to 60 minutes in length.


The POD meets weekly and is aimed toward the youngest of our musicians (ages 3-5).  The POD is comprised of three students which will participate in their own 15 minute lesson, observe two other lessons, and then participate in a 15 group class.  

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