Music in Practice and Performance

Dedicated to the teaching and performing of Mary Moser and Jonathan Moser. You will find explanations of teaching concepts, lists and pictures of common supplies needed for lessons, pictures and praise of exemplary student accomplishments. You will also find audio and video of performances, upcoming events, and studio information and directions.

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Performance Attire

At recitals or any performance it is important to appear well dressed.  This does not mean that we must "Keep up with the Joneses." 

Hair: Off your face and shoulders.

Clothing:  Whatever you wear, please make sure that you're comfortable and that your blouse or shirt does NOT cause your instrument to slide off your shoulder.  Ladies may wear dress slacks and a lovely blouse.  If ladies decide to wear dresses it is mandatory that the skirt be long enough to pass your knees.  Check if slips will be necessary in case the material is too thin.   Gentlemen will wear dark pants and dress shirts; however, neckties and coats are optional.

Shoes: Please practice in the shoes that you intend to wear and check for comfort and balance.  


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