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Off Rhythm? II

by: m. moser


We covered some simple bowings techniques to help the body accept a correct rhythm or bowing.

Now, let's move on to something a bit more crazy and definitely more physical. And that is, to include the entire body.  

Notes: For example, let's say we have 2 quarter notes, 4 eighth notes, and 8 sixteenth notes. Alright, the quarter notes get a slide toe touch(R then L), The eighth notes will hop one foot at a time (R-L-R-L) at proper value, and the sixteenths will get double time hops (R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L).  

Other Notes: A half note = 2 slides in a row.  A dotted half = 3 slides in a row. A whole note= 4 slides in a row.

Rests -They stand still, they may count or say Sh! Whole Rests (They touch Knees, Waist, Shoulders, and Head); Half rests (Right Hand Separates from center, then Left Hand); Quarter Rest (tap chest), Eighth Rest, a finger flick.

Then you have fun!  Beyond this, the kids understand sound and silence and as a result understand rhythm.  They'll come up with their own moves to express their rhythm. 

Create chains!  Typically the troublesome bowing/rhythm is a small section, but if it's longer, please start small (one measure or less) and add a little at a time (try to keep a section to no more than four measures).


This being said, I also like to introduce reading rhythms early.  Kids LOVE rhythm.  Watch any little one bob their head or move their bodies to a beat.  It happens!  I do have a reading book and we take it slow.  I have them clap and count it.  Some like to use syllables, and that's cool too.  I also have them pizzicato it as well, so they can hear the rhythm.  Then airbow, soapy arm it, dance it! Rhythm is fun!




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