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Time Commitment

by - m.moser

When your child begins to ask for lessons or you believe it is time for them to begin lessons, as parents one of our first concerns is... time commitment.  

As important as that concern is please also consider the benefits.  Most parents are not seeking for their child to become an internationally famous virtuoso... make a list of your own and weigh the benefits on that list with time commitment.  If you're ready to support your child's desire to learn an instrument 100%, as teachers we're there to support you both 100%.  But the question remains... what is the time commitment?  


- a weekly private lesson (child/parent/teacher) 

- daily practice* 

- group classes (many children of the same level meet 1-4 a month depending on the studio) 

- recitals (1-2 a year, maybe more - depending on the studio) 

* seperate blog entry

During your private lesson you receive the material that your teacher would like you to focus on in your daily practice.  If you miss lessons on a regular basis, then clearly no new material will be presented and interest will wane and be replaced by frustration.  

Daily practice is essential because this is a physical art.  The body needs to get familiar with postures and movements. We need to develop them from introduction to the point of easy execution.  (With daily practice this may take one week or more... depending on the child and technique.)  One of Dr Suzuki's famous quotes, "Only practice on the days you eat." also helps to reinforce that this is a daily event... this helps eliminate the inevitable, "But Mom! I don't want to!"  Children don't understand the long term benefits of consistency, but we as their caregivers do.

Group Classes bring together parents and students for not only a bit of social time, but also to create a team. Through reviewing of "graduated" music we are able to focus on learning other skills... like how to listen, how to adjust, and how to work with each other instead of only focusing on ourselves.   

Recitals are an excellent format to share our progress with each other and our loved ones because music is about sharing.


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