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Music & Sports... more alike than we think

by - m.moser

I find that music and sports have many similarities.  Music is a great way to introduce concepts of success and sports are a great way to enforce those concepts and vice versa.  

In sports the coach would never allow you to "just play the game".  The equivalent in music would be... "play the tune".  There is strategy to learn... there is strength to build... there are many things to develop.  You often hear that it's not about winning the game but it's about how you play the game.  When we watch someone play sports our enjoyment is greatly enhanced when we're able to recognize the artistry behind the execution.  

This is all true in music as well.  We run our laps, we do our sit ups, we do our drills ... you must in sports, you must in music as well.  For the same reasons.  We're building the strength, the endurance... we're developing skills from introduction to ease.   

Another similarity between music and sports is the Suzuki approach's use of group class.  Most sports are team sports.  So it is in Suzuki as well.  In our group classes we become aware of each other and how we can work together in order to perform. We don't leave people behind, we work together to help each other succeed, and we become a family that supports and uplifts one another.  


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