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Dedicated to the teaching and performing of Mary Moser and Jonathan Moser. You will find explanations of teaching concepts, lists and pictures of common supplies needed for lessons, pictures and praise of exemplary student accomplishments. You will also find audio and video of performances, upcoming events, and studio information and directions.

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Are lessons with you fun?

Are lessons with you fun?


I was asked this question recently and I've heard it before.  Although at face value it can seem like a trick question (unintentional, of course) it is clearly an important and valid question especially when it seems as if music learning isn't fun.  I have fun.  It seems like my students have fun.  We smile, we laugh, I challenge and provide them with tools, they work, they deliver, we smile, we laugh.  I guess the real question is, what's meant by fun?  Is it always fun to run laps/drills/workout or play the game?  But can you do one without the other?  No, in fact, they are essential to each other.  I think my students get addicted to their success. When students are able to gain self esteem through consistent success... yes, it gets fun.  I hope it even goes further and they find the joy in learning, working, and succeeding.


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